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Andros is the northernmost island of the Cyclades in the Aegean Sea, with a long maritime tradition, home of famous captains and shipowners.

Andros is morphologically very different from the classic islands of the Cyclades because it has high mountains, ravines, small rivers, valleys with vines, numerous springs with running water, cypresses, oaks, fruit trees, olives and thermal springs.

Chora is the capital of the island, Gavrio is the main port and further south is Batsi, a seaside cosmopolitan village full of taverns, bars and many beaches around. It is worth exploring Korthi with its many mountain villages and there you will find the famous beach of Grias to Pidima.

The beaches of the island are truly beautiful and numerous, some easily accessible, others more difficult to reach and some only by sea.

We typically mention the Golden Sands, the beach of Agios Petros, the beach of Kypri, Zorko, Vitali, Fellos, Grias Pidima, Ateni, Agios Kyprianos, Kolona, Vori, Apothike and Achla.

37.8381° Β 24.9386° Α