M-1500 Сирос земельные участки ( провинция ) Земельный грант

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земельные участки ( провинция ) 1.540 м2 - Сирос, Острова

Syros, in Posidonia, a plot of 1540 m², with a building permit for 4 residences.
The plot is within the town plan and builds a total of 400 m².
The location of the plot is on the highest hill of Posidonia, with a panoramic view of the bay and beaches to the southwest, therefore, it is bathed in Cycladic light all day, until sunset.
There are two different types of buildings on the plot. A two-storey building that is the main residence of the owners, and a
building complex, consisting of three houses. All four residences have their own basement with parking spaces and a swimming pool in their backyard.
In more detail:
Main residence ground floor 103 m²
Main residence first floor 71, 02 m²
Main residence Basement 118 m²
House A 72, 66 m²
House B 79, 25 m²
House C 73, 82 m²
Basement A & B 135, 36 m²
Basement C 61, 22 m²
All three houses consist of two bedrooms, a main bathroom, studio space (kitchen, living room &
dining room), and outside, a swimming pool. Houses A & C also include an additional bedroom on the first floor and a WC. While House B has an additional WC next to the main bathroom.



  • Код M-1500
  • Тип земельные участки ( провинция ) Земельный грант
  • Размер 1.540 м2
  • Район Острова - Сирос
  • Земельный грант по запросу
  • Цена/м2 /м2
  • м.
  • м.


  • Адекватный размер
  • Строительное
  • вид моря
  • инвестиционное предложение
  • строительный потенциал400 м²

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