M-1498 300.000€ Парос земельные участки ( провинция ) на Продажу

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земельные участки ( провинция ) 11.988 м2 300.000€ - Парос, Острова

Paros, Tsoukalia, large plot of 11.988 m² with sea view, 1.600 meters from the beach.
It is located next to Isterni in the eastern part of Paros, just 10 minutes by car from cosmopolitan Naousa (5 km) and it is surrounded by the picturesque villages and pristine beaches of the eastern side.
The ground, on the lower side of the plot, is flat, with a gentle gradual slope that provides elevation offering the view to the sea.
For a residence, the permitted building area is 280 m², only ground floor residence and up to 3 residences, without basement.
Access is easy, via a community road that connects a short distance to the main road.
The land is 4, 5 km from Marpissa and 12 km from the port of Parikia.



  • Код M-1498
  • Тип земельные участки ( провинция ) на Продажу
  • Размер 11.988 м2
  • Район Острова - Парос
  • Цена 300.000€
  • Цена/м2 25€/м2
  • м.
  • м.


  • Адекватный размер
  • Строительное
  • вид моря
  • инвестиционное предложение
  • панорамный вид
  • расстояние до моря1600 м.
  • строительный потенциал280 м²

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