M-1395 250.000€ Икариа коттеджи / загородные дома на Продажу

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коттеджи / загородные дома 78 м2 250.000€ - Икариа, Острова

Ikaria, the property itself is located on a mountainous hillside, 5 km from Evdilos, with a breathtaking view of the Aegean Sea and is nestled among many cultivated plants and trees.
It lies in private plot of 2.000 m², in a complex of 2 houses, bult in around 1900 and completely renovated through-out the years of 1998 – 2008.

It has a traditional feel to it with exposed stone and wooden beams.

The house is 78 m² featuring a living room with a woodstove, the kitchen, two bedrooms, a bathroom and is surrounded by courtyards, gardens full of fresh vegetables and trees.
Underneath the bedrooms we find two traditional cellars.

The whole property was carefully renovated, preserving the characteristics of the traditional architecture, as the house was originally built.
Τhe garden has 20 olive trees, fruit trees and other plants as well as plenty of water supply.

Parking, outdoor traditional wood oven. Furthermore, the plot can build an additional of 95 m².
Bakeries, minimarket and grocery stores are at a walking distance. Pharmacies and gas station are available 5 km away, in Evdilos.



  • Код M-1395
  • Тип коттеджи / загородные дома на Продажу
  • Размер 78 м2
  • Район Острова - Икариа
  • Цена 250.000€
  • Цена/м2 3205€/м2
  • Уровни дом
  • Год постройки 1900
  • Спальни 2
  • Ванных 1
  • м.
  • м.


  • Парковка
  • Кладовка
  • Камин
  • вид моря
  • меблированная
  • Класс ЭлектропотребленияD
  • Оставшиеся наращивание потенциала95 м²
  • после реставрации2008
  • участок земли2000 м²

Класс Электропотребления

Сертификат Электроэфективности присваивает объекту стандартизированную степень энергоэффективности от «А» до «Н», где А+ это более эффективно и Н менее эффективно.

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