M-1617 Микролимано земельные участки ( Афин ) Земельный грант

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земельные участки ( Афин ) 440 м2 - Микролимано, Пирей

Piraeus, next to SEF stadium, on a road that connects Piraeus with Faliro, on a plot of 440 m², an unfinished building of 750 m², with a building permit of 1400 m², for superstructure up to the 5th floor for the construction of apartments.
Each floor has an area of 250 m².
The ground floor is unfinished and has an area of 130 m² with a loft of 120 m².
The 1st floor is 250 m² which used to function as a focus area.
The 2nd floor is 250 m² it is in concrete stage and has permit for 2 apartments.
From the 3rd floor up to the 5th floor, the property is unstructured and has a sea view as far as SEF and Glyfada.
The permit needs revision and there is the possibility, based on the building factor, to create a 6th and 7th floor.
Based on the existing permit, it has 2 garage spaces and 3 parking spaces.
The property is in a focal location and is 350 meters from the train station of Neo Faliro.



  • Код M-1617
  • Тип земельные участки ( Афин ) Земельный грант
  • Размер 440 м2
  • Район Пирей - Микролимано
  • Земельный грант по запросу
  • Цена/м2 2273€/м2
  • м.
  • м.


  • Адекватный размер
  • Строительное
  • участок земли440 м²

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