M-1586 3.000.000€ Патры автономное здание на Продажу

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автономное здание 662 м2 3.000.000€ - Патры, Пелопонне́с

In the center of Patra, a coastal, neoclassical, listed building with a total area of 662 m², on a plot of 232 m², built in 1800.
The 2nd floor of 176, 69 m², has 5 very large rooms and a large terrace with a view of the sea and the sunset.
The 1st floor has an area of 232, 19 m², has 6 large rooms and a fireplace, 2 lofts and balconies.
On the ground floor of 232, 19 m² there is an open space area that can be divided into 2 independent spaces with their own entrance.
Basement 21, 36 m².
The building has two frontages of 11 meters and features 3 entrances.
There is a pre-installation of an elevator for 10 people with a mechanism, without a cabin.
The property was statically renovated in 2004 under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture and the Directorate of New Monuments. It has received approvals from Archaeology.
This is a gem property with a special history, in an amazing location.



  • Код M-1586
  • Тип автономное здание на Продажу
  • Размер 662 м2
  • Район Пелопонне́с - Патры
  • Цена 3.000.000€
  • Цена/м2 4532€/м2
  • Уровни отдельно стоящее здание
  • Год постройки 1800
  • Спальни 10
  • Ванных 10
  • м.
  • м.


  • Лифт
  • Кладовка
  • Камин
  • Вид с двух сторон
  • вид моря
  • инвестиционное предложение
  • На первой линии у моря
  • участок земли232,19 м²

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