M-1559 290.000€ Крит земельные участки ( провинция ) на Продажу

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земельные участки ( провинция ) 2.556 м2 290.000€ - Крит, Острова

Crete, north side, Prefecture of Chania, in Chorafakia, on the west side of Akrotiri, plot of land 2.556 m², with pre-approval for a two-storey detached house with a total area of 457, 55 m² with pool, attic and basement.
It has a unique view of the sea and is only 900 meters from the beach of Tersanas.
This particular plot of land has the possibility, if someone wants to by purchasing it, to make a revision and design from the beginning a new study of two or three houses or a completely different approach to a single-family house. Minor modifications are always debatable to the existing study.
At the moment, the architectural office is preparing a study of the facades with more natural materials (stone, wood, etc.).
The main areas of the residence are 287, 61 m².
A ramp to the basement for car access is also being formed on the south side. The basement includes space for parking a car, storage rooms, a staircase and an elevator to the ground floor and first floor. Basement surface as well as coverage, i.e. 169, 94 m².
The ground floor consists of a single living room - kitchen area, a staircase and an elevator for the disabled that leads to the first floor and the basement. Through a semi-outdoor space on the ground floor, the living areas communicate with a bedroom with a bathroom and a shared bathroom.
Ground floor construction 127, 18 m².
On the floor, where there is a gap with an internal balcony and a closed internal balcony (attic), two bedrooms with their own bathroom are formed. Staircase leads to the attic. Floor structure 126, 64 m².
In the attic there is a bedroom with a bathroom and access to the roof.
Total attic area 33, 80 m².
In the uncovered area of the plot, a swimming pool is being built, with a water surface of 97, 25 m², a pergola with a surface area of 27, 28 m² and other constructions shaping the surrounding area and covering height differences, such as stairs, parapets and terraces.

Chorafakia is a small village between Kalathas and Tersanas, 12 km northeast of Chania. It is an ideal place for a family, quiet holiday.



  • Код M-1559
  • Тип земельные участки ( провинция ) на Продажу
  • Размер 2.556 м2
  • Район Острова - Крит
  • Цена 290.000€
  • Цена/м2 113€/м2
  • м.
  • м.


  • Адекватный размер
  • Строительное
  • вид моря
  • инвестиционное предложение
  • расстояние до моря900 м.
  • строительный потенциал 457,55 м²

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