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M-509 1.800.000€ Euböa Hotels und Unterkünfte / Investitionen zum Verkauf

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Hotels und Unterkünfte / Investitionen 2.500 qm 1.800.000€ - Euböa, Inseln

Evia, Limni, on the sea, just in a few kilometres away from Athens and within a short driving distance from the city of Chalkida, a luxury Hotel Resort of 2.500 m², on a plot of 11.000 m² with an impressive swimming pool, a dream-like beach, well-cared gardens and panoramic views of the Euboean Gulf. Built in 2016.
Sleeps up to 60 guests.
It consists of 15 spacious and fully equipped suites as well as 7 staff rooms in an excellent condition.
The Resort has an in-house restaurant and amenities that keep the visitor on site, excellently provided services and offers a unique stay experience for guests.
There is additional permitted building area.
Suitable to operate for 12 months.
No commission fee by the buyer.



  • Referenznummer M-509
  • Kategorie Hotels und Unterkünfte / Investitionen zum Verkauf
  • Fläche 2.500 qm
  • Stadt/Region Inseln - Euböa
  • Preis 1.800.000€
  • Preis/qm 720€/qm
  • Stock Grundgeschoss
  • Baujahr 2016
  • μ.
  • μ.


  • Parkplatz
  • Αποθήκη υπογείου
  • Kamin
  • direkt am Meer
  • Meerblick
  • Schwimmbad
  • Energieklasse
  • Betten60

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